Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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  • if you are looking into meet girls here is a website that will love the girls in there
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  • Bucket List Ideas Reality TV Show00:55
    Bucket List Ideas Reality TV Show Bucket List Ideas Reality TV Show. Take part in a Reality TV Show. Everyone dreams of doing something unusual during their ...
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  • I would like to take my wive to the maldives for a week ,
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    The Social Network Reality Show:

    The contestants get to participate in all of the voted “favourite items” on the website, which is hence the centre of the show. To make it into a show, a very simple rule will help the list become a competition worthwhile: Contestants must make use of their on-line social networking skills to progress from the one listed item to the next.

    This means that the contestants may only conduct certain activities personally only to rely on their friends and contacts all over the world for the rest. The “social network” is the key to progress. Gradually each contestant will complete “the list” of items that is pre-arranged and sponsored. The “social networking” part of the game should assist the contestant in moving around to locations in arranging logistics. Each contestant will be informed exactly where the next extreme event is located, but may only travel there with the help of the social network. This means that the contestant are not allowed to arrange any of his/her own travel but should rely on the help of friends. To illustrate this:

    All of the Contestants start the game in the same point, from where each contestant is required to get to the next event as soon as possible. Completing the events is thus a race against each other. No contestant will be eliminated from the game, but the person that finishes first wins the game and receives the prize. If a Contestant decides not to take part in an event, a penalty time will be awarded to the contestant.
    Each contestant will receive an electronic device to communicate with their friends on social networks. The Contestant’s friends are responsible to assist in checking and scheduling flights, local transport and accommodation between “events & safe-spots”. At each “safe-spot” the Contestant will be taken care of by the production team and the Contestant has the option to stay there for 48 hours or less. The next listed item will be pre-booked. The challenge will be to get there on time and to complete each item. Progress is dependent solely on on-line team work!

    Who wins?

    The first Contestant to finish the last event wins the Grand Prize and in combination with a vote by the online community the best teams will receive prizes. Voting happens by the online community on who tracks the progress of each contestant. Each contestant’s progress will be monitored by a camera team and posted online.
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